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Sending Thoughtful Gifts to the Staff on a Hospital Ward

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If you've had a loved one in hospital, you'll know how hard the ward staff work to keep them happy and comfortable during a stressful period of their life. Here are some ideas for some thoughtful gifts for hospital staff. 

A chocolate bouquet

A stylish alternative to a box of chocolates, a chocolate bouquet is an attractive way to send the whole staff some treats that they can share during those long shifts. The bouquets also look good and can last longer than a bunch of flowers, that is if they don't get nibbled up straight away! It's a great way to recognise all of the staff who are caring for your loved ones including people you might not see such as night shift staff, phlebomtimists and other speciality staff. These people all work together as a shift to care for the patients. 

A fruit basket

Another great option is a fruit basket. During long and busy shifts the staff can often get peckish and many times the only option after hours is the vending machines full of unhealthy options. Having some fresh fruit available can be a lovely option and a hamper of fresh fruit can be easily shared amongst the staff as well. Fresh fruit also looks and smells as good as a bunch of flowers, as well as being a lot tastier!

Coffee pods and fancy teas

Late nights can be very tiring and hospital staff often rely on coffee and tea to keep going on those nights. The hospital may provide some options, but they tend to be on the bulk end of the food spectrum, rather than the more luxe options you can find from a specialty provider.  It can be nice to send in a selection of fancy coffee and tea options which the staff can choose from. Be sure to check which options they have for preparing hot drinks in the staff room after hours as coffee pod machines come in a lot of brands and variations, and you don't want to send in pods that won't fit their machines. 

It's a great idea to let hospital staff know how much you appreciate the care and dedication that they show to their patients. It's best to choose an option that can be shared by all of the caregivers on the ward team, rather than an item that goes to a single team member.